MJB Consulting (MJB) is a retail planning and real estate consulting firm based in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are retained by a wide variety of clients across the United States and Canada to undertake market analyses, devise retail strategies and guide tenant recruitment efforts.

In the initial phase of work, we distinguish ourselves with an extraordinarily high level of analytical rigor. With our patterned Total Immersion approach, our own lifestyle segmentation scheme and our proprietary typology for classifying and analyzing traditional business districts, we look beyond basic demographics to develop a deeper understanding of the target customer and a more nuanced assessment of possible niche opportunities.

Then, with our proprietary tools/databases for identifying potential retailers and our detailed knowledge of their site-location criteria, we are able to craft a recruitment strategy that accurately reflects tenant preferences and real-estate realities, and to recommend various improvements and uses that would take leasing efforts to the next level.

In other words, we do not just perform an analysis, produce a written report, and move on. Rather, we see this as just the initial phase of a larger results-oriented effort, helping the client to interpret the data and translate it into very specific tenanting targets and actionable steps.

Finally, we will collaborate with the client in the early stages of the implementation effort itself, working to achieve buy-in from property owners and elected officials, pursuing prospective tenants, training an in-house retail coordinator to continue with recruitment once we leave, etc.

Throughout this process, we offer highly responsive senior-level attention, with the company's Principal in close and constant contact with the client. On a deeper level, we find ourselves often developing a very personal stake in the projects that we undertake, and we strive to have a real and discernible impact, to leave our study areas better than we found them.