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“Mike Berne is, for me, the go-to person for anything having to do with retail and downtowns. He gets it from all perspectives: planning, policy, zoning, property owners, and especially retailers. And he backs it up with real data and insight informed by decades of work across the U.S.”

– John Shapiro, Chair, Pratt Institute’s Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Getting Retail Right

As the first and only land use that everyone can see and assess, retail assumes an outsized role in how streets, centers and communities are experienced and perceived.

And yet it is so easy to get wrong. Retail is complicated. It really is. You have to understand and embrace today’s realities while accurately predicting and planning for tomorrow’s as well.

What kinds of shops, cafes, restaurants and other retail tenants will be realistic for your district or project in the coming years? And what must you do to help make it happen?

These are questions that we can help to answer.